Monday, April 7, 2008

Boys and Girls Volleyball Program.

Our school's boys and Girls Volleyball programs are underway. We have been practising for the last month. We are in the District 16 middle school league's. The boys play there first games on Wednesday at 4pm and will play the next 4 weeks. The boys are working some hard to compete against those big schools, while we have all of the middle school boys playing. We applied for a grant for both boys and girls teams and received two grants both at $3000.00. We purchased new volleyball gear, new volleyballs, nets polls, team Uniforms- jersey's and shorts, knee pads and team track suits for each team member. This team did not have any of these items that last few years. the kids will be looking to win a few games. They have been practising almost every evening and some weekends when possible. I know the team love the things that we do for them. They are encouraging the younger grade kids something to look forward to. It helps the kids feel more like belonging more then they use to before.

Wish the team luck.

If there is any First Nation Middle school that has a volleyball team that would like to play an game please let me know and see if we can set something up for each community.

Drama Continued

We did win that award and Natalie's daughter(Felicia) will be accepting this award on behalf of the Drama Club. She will talking to a full house of delegates that are CEO's to big companies. I wish her luck and are very proud of her. Good luck Felicia..

Eel Ground School Drama Club.

Our Eel Ground Drama club was created over 2 years ago. In our first year we won 6 awards from NB dramfest in Fredericton. our school along with Atlantic First Nation Helpdesk made it into a movie. It was able to be purchased from our school. It was called The People vs Mary Moses, it was about mother drinking while pregnant. The story is about a boy who was diagnosed with FASD and took his mother to court for drinking while pregnant. It was a great story.

On our second year of Drama it was about suicide prevention. The club won 5 awards for this production. I will some day play this movie for you guys to watch. I hope you guys enjoy it. Along with that the Eel Ground School Drama Club also was nominated for a National Award bye our local writer Judy Bowman. The club did successfully win that award. One of our students will be accepting this award.

The Kaiser Award for • Excellence in Aboriginal Programming: Eel Ground First Nation School Drama Club, Eel Ground, New Brunswick

"The Kaiser Foundation and National Advisory Board congratulate the 2008 award recipients and nominees,” said Edgar F. Kaiser Jr., Chairman and CEO of the Kaiser Foundation. “Each winner embodies a steadfast commitment to helping people adversely affected by substance use and mental health issues and encouraging them and assisting them to live healthier, happier, and safer lives. Their efforts are truly exemplary. We do this to recognize people who spend their lives helping others get well, usually with little or no public acknowledgment or compensation.”

Launched in 2006 by The Kaiser Foundation, in partnership with a growing roster of governments, foundations, corporate and private national partners across the country, the National Awards for Excellence highlight the tireless efforts of field leaders promoting healthier lifestyles and raises awareness of drug/alcohol abuse and mental health issues and their impact on our society.

The annual National Awards for Excellence event is hosted in a different city in the spring of each year, to ensure recognition, across the country, of the individuals and organizations working in the fields of substance use and mental health. The 2009 National Awards for Excellence will be held in Montreal.


About the Kaiser Foundation: Founded in 1985 by Edgar F. Kaiser Jr., OBC, LLD (Hon.) Chairman and CEO, Kaiser Foundation, Chairman and CEO, Kaiser Resources Ltd. The Kaiser Foundation is a registered charitable organization dedicated to helping individuals and communities live healthier and more productive lives by reducing the physical and mental harm associated with substance abuse. The Kaiser Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors representing a wide spectrum of the community, with each Director bringing unique talents to the organization.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I have been wokring with Eel Ground Mutl Media Club and we have been recording video and taking pictures for editing at the school. We recoroded some video from the family week activities that were held in february. On one of evening's there was a Prescriptin drug Mis-use seminar. There was a panal of health professional on this type of work. We will be posting some on our work n our school website. You can check the website for things about our school.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Eel Ground School Pin Reward System

We have started a Pin Reward System here at Eel Ground School, This is how it works, your pin moves forward - for things that students do, such as, homework, listening, raising your hand, etc. if you pin moves backwards - you have done something that you shouln't have done, like, run in hallways, not raising you hand to talk, obeying the teaching staff, standing on the bus, or jumping from seat to seat. things like that.. If your stuck in the RED ZONE on the chart, then you are in detention room for the last friday on the month, which is activity day for the rest of them, The one's in detention are given work from their homeroom teacher to do. If your not in the Red Zone, then you get to participate in fun activities like Dance-Dance Revelotion, Floor Hockey, Movie, Board Games, Makerovers for girls. This month were are going to purchase some new game like Wii, X-Box 360, and even snowshoes for the outdoors people. This one is great speaking of tradition,

Monday, February 4, 2008

good day mates, how are things today, this is my first blog ever, I think this a great way for all of us to ask questions and keep up to date with whats going on in our class. There is questions that can be answered on here. To everyone hope things work out for us all.